Chausie and Sokoke


Queen of Cubs

Studs of the cattery is Lotus, a Chausie F5 SBT and Ceke, sokoke.


Lotus was born the 9th of March 2016. He has grown into an extremely gentle and loving cat. He likes to stay close to us, he even enjoys cuddling in our laps and he loves to get rubbed on his tummy. He loves to play with the girls but are always gentle and careful so he doesn't hurt them or get too rough. He has reached sexual maturity and is doing very well, not spraying anywhere in the house. Being an F5 chausie SBT he has a lot to offer the breeding program. He has a great temper and personality, he is very muscular and has tufts on his ears. 


Ceke is our beautiful sokoke male. He was born the 22nd of December 2015. He is a very loving sokoke with a calm attitude. He is just like Lotus a fan of belly rubs. Ceke is a quite dark sokoke with cold colours. His real name in Halasi's Cayenne Ochieng and moved in with us in June 2017.


The son of Lotus and Stretch. Beautiful Chausie f6 BON. Starlight has a wonderful personality. He is very curious and social and has a great wild look. We are searching for a suitable queen for him.

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