Chausie and Sokoke


Queen of Cubs

Queens of the Cattery; Stretch, a Chausie outcross, and Veroxii, a Sokoke cat


Stretch was born on May 27th 2016. Her mother; Makeda is a Chausie, and her father Braveheart is a Norwegian forest cat. She has a number of great features that will make a great contribution to the development of the breed.  Stretch has some really impressive ear tufts, she has a great size, good quality of her fur and absolutaly stunning wild looking eyes.


Veroxii is of the breed Sokoke. She is a very good example of the breed. She has an extremaly athletic body and jumps like nobody's business. She's got a very good contrast in her tabby pattern with strong ticking of the coat. Veroxii doesn't have any undercoat which is good for being a Sokoke, not so good when living in the north of Sweden. She is not yet fully grown so it will be interesting to see how she will develop. Her dad is a snow-sokoke, so she is also a carrier of the "snow"-gene.

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