The Cattery, Queen of Cubs, is located in the north of Sweden. It is a small cattery with a great love for the feline species. The cattery breeds the rare, beautiful Sokoke cat and the amazing, stunning Chausie cat. Both breeds are intelligent, alert and active and loves to play and interact with their owners. To learn more about each breed, read the text bellow.


  • Kitten break at the cattery. But please let us know if you are interested in a sokoke or chausie kitten.

Chausie and Sokoke


Queen of Cubs

Kort på Svenska: Katteriet Queen of Cubs är uppfödare av två ovanliga kattraser, Chausie och Sokoke. Av praktiska skäl är resten av sidan på engelska men tveka inte att höra  av er om ni har funderingar kring raserna eller katteriet.

The Chausie Breed

The Chausie is a breed that has been developed in the US and was registerd in TICA 1995.  The first generation of Chausie is a hybrid between the jungle cat, felis chaus, and a domestic cat. A wide range of breeds has been used, oriental shorthairs, abyssinians, pixie bobs etc. The appearance of the Chausie should be a rather large cat with ticked coat, tuft ears, long legs with strong tabby markings. Well, it should look as much as the jungle cat as possible. The temper of a Chausie is very uniqe. It is calm in its temper, yet very energetic in its mood. The Chausie interact a lot with its human and develop strong bonds with its owner, but it doesn't always like to stay still in the lap. Owning a Chausie demands a lot of time spent with the cat but other that that the Chausie is a healthy cat with an easy groomed fur. In Sweden the earliest generation allowed is the F5 generation. The F5 generation is considered to be completaly domesticaded. In the videos below you can watch a real junglecat in action. Cats 101 is also fun to watch but the cats are not all typical for the breed.

The Sokoke Breed

The Sokoke breed was first discovered i Kenya in the 1970's and some cats were brought to Europe, entering a breeding program. The breed is thus a natural developed breed with few known health issues. The fur is very short and close to the body. It is adapted to the hot climate and has little or no undercoat. They have a tabby pattern muted by ticking. The legs are long, and the hind legs longer than the front and very muscular but still slender and athletic. The most striking part of the Sokoke is its personality. They have an energy level like no other cat, always ready to play, jump and run. Therefor they only like to be held when feeling tired and cold. They have a huge heart, (not literally), and love their humans and animal friends. They are extremaly social and doesn't take no for an answer if someone won't share their space or doesn't won't to play with them. In the wild they live in a pack which probably explains a lot of their behavior and lack of agression. They also have a bit different preferences when it comes to food. Insects and fruits is the preferred diet in the wild. There is not that many videos of sokokes on the internet but cats 101 has an ok introduction to the breed.

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